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Research & development department andquality

Is one of the general company forconstruction Industries departments consists of four division

   (Control division -Research and development division - -environment division). This department contains modern integrated laboratoriesmanaged by staff with extensive  academicqualifications where this department is carrying out quality control ​​on thevarious companies  various production throughfield visits and follow-up action with the chemical and physical on rawmaterials half manufactured and turnkey production and issuing inspection certificatesunder the  approved specifications andaddress deviations and develop appropriate solutions for the purpose of supplyingthe local market with products match the standard specifications, as well asundertake the necessary checks  on themodels coming from outside of the company's plants which include raw materials(soil - sand –gravel- cement) and construction production such as  (bricks- cubes of concrete and plastic pipes)and consultancy to quality .

Also This department also research in various topics within theannual research plan to serve the production process through the development ofappropriate solutions to some of the problems or find local alternatives forraw materials and involved in the production and enhance the utilization ofindustrial wastes, and in conjunction with various research the centers such asthe petrochemical research center and the national center laboratories constructionresearch

As well as the continuous contact with universities and theNational center for laboratories and construction research and building researchcenter for the purpose of consulting

This section is currently in the process of qualifying research&development labs through the purchase of a range of modern appliances, whichcontribute to raise the products quality

In addition to follow-up the environmental situation in the companyby updating the requirements of the environment in the light of modern policiesfor the of business environment through the central directives from theministry and the necessary follow up tests in order to control water enteringthe production process and beyond which include (solids and dissolvedsubstances in water T.D.S and sulfates, chlorides, and turbidity and examinethe PH)

In the area of ​​supporting creative research and development thissection received appreciation and letter and excellence and innovation shield inthe field of scientific research in the first scientific conference of theMinistry of Industry and Minerals in 2014

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